motion graphics & 3D animation

Motion graphics and 3D animation combined with video, graphics, artwork, visual effects and audio is used in almost all of the projects we do. This is due to the demand in recent years for more visually engaging content across all platforms.


PowerPoint presentations now have video content, intro animations, 3d animated segments, and title sequences. Broadband speeds now mean playing video adverts online is easy, so static images just don't cut it anymore. Video is king.


So now it's vitally important to draw the viewer in straight away and hold their interest, so you can tell your story in an entertaining and enjoyable way. This is something animation and video is perfect for, online and off.

We can use any existing 3d models, product photos and previous videos to combine them with newly generated assets and content.  These can be used in your business presentations, product, promo and explainer videos. Online you can use them on social media and websites whilst offline you can advertise on digital signage, exhibitions stands, event displays and reception screens.

Working with you from initial idea to final delivery, we will create something on brand and eye-catching, that gets your message across memorably and effectively.

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Animated explainer video

Short animated video

Up to 1 minute animation, with a mixture of motion graphics, images, photographs, stock and video elements edited together with music and sound effects.


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3D animated explainer video

1-2 minute 2d/3d video

A product, service, introduction or explainer video consisting or more complex animation with 2d and 3d elements, typography, compositing and audio production.


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3D animated product video, animated explainer video

Product overview

1-3 minute 3d animation with motion graphics, voice-over, video compositing, and visual effects with royalty free music and sound effects and post-production.


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motion graphics

Motion graphics is a style of animation where text, images and graphics are usually dynamically introduced, explaining a service or process. It’s a great way of keeping viewers engaged, giving them key-words and phrases to read at the same time as they’re watching the visuals and listening to the voice over and audio.


It’s this fast-paced and dynamic stream of info that makes motion graphics such an effective method of telling a story or explaining a hard to understand concept.

Motion Graphics designer
Product and Service Animated Video

3D animation

3D is a more intensive process but necessary in many situations, especially when visualising photo-realistic products in pre-production when there is no physical reference to market the product with. 3D gives you detailed control of the camera, giving you angles, depth of field and clarity in the compositions that would be impossible any other way.


On top of the animation, we can then add other layers and atmospheric effects with compositing, to really add a wow factor.

powerpoint presentation design
3D promo animated video

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