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At  Shake Studios, we offer a bespoke, friendly and creative design and video production service.

We supply a range of video production, 3D animation, interactive presentation and artwork services for clients of all sizes and budgets. Each focused on delivering dynamic, memorable and effective content.

Working within a range of budgets for companies big and small, we can create stand-out presentations to communicate and engage.  Create product videos to educate and explain, and promo videos to inform and entice. We design corporate videos to say who you are and design effective digital advertising to help market your goods and services. ​

We'll enhance and augment any existing assets you have with newly created bespoke content to fill your project with eye-popping animations, motion graphics, artwork, music and videos.

We can offer a top-class video production service using broadcast level camera experience and equipment.

We specialise in testimonial and corporate videos for companies of all sizes. We help management, staff and their clients, get their information, culture and success stories across, all whilst looking and sounding amazing.

We have over twenty years experience of broadcast television and corporate productions, so you're in safe hands. We work closely with our clients every step of the way from the spark of an idea, through to final delivery.

We love what we do, and we're sure you will too.

PowerPoint presentation design

We can help you out in those big meetings and pitches by turning your over-cluttered and dull slides into a more interesting and effective way to visually tell your story.


A clear, informative and eye-catching presentation is memorable for the client and gives the knock-on effect of more confidence to the presenter.


We can create animated intros, bespoke artwork, 3d charts, graphics, videos and animations all designed to make your new presentation attractive, engaging and easy to absorb

Digital advertising & social media

Engagement with video is about 10x more than static imagery, so it's a no brainer to want to make the most of your digital space, quickly & effectively.

Online, we can help you create a social media campaign using video, artwork and animated GIfs.


In the real world we can create exciting video content for displays and digital posters in lobbies, foyers, shop-fronts and point-of-sale areas.

You'll be turning heads, attracting customers

and spreading the word in no time

Design, artwork & product rendering

Video is taking over many platforms but static images, artwork and brand graphics are still as important as ever. All media still requires elements of graphic design; logos, 3D product shots, typography, photography, vectors and image manipulation.

We offer a wide variety of design services, from product visualisations, 3D renderings, presentation graphics, exhibition artwork to logo creation, branding, wayfinding and signage.

In today's world screens are everywhere. Coupled with cheaper devices and faster internet speeds, it means that video advertising is now the most successful format to use to get your message across. That can be to a huge number of people in either a targeted location or anywhere in the world.


The opportunity to be seen and make an impact is greater than ever and video adverts online get on average 10 times more engagement than images alone so an eye-catching video can be a potent marketing tool.


Video posts for Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are excellent for reaching an audience and can explain services and processes that a static never could.


Animated video headers on your businesses Facebook page can also really help introduce your brand and what your business offers.

Signage, information and adverts on digital posters is commonplace now and we can create engaging animation and video combined with visual effects to help grab attention and place your advert effectively in the minds of your audience.

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