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social media videos, online advertising & digital posters

Drive engagement, expand your reach, and amplify brand visibility with dynamic social media and digital adverts. Essential for modern marketing success.

Short online video ad

Creation of a 10-30 second bespoke eye-catching animation to use in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram campaigns.


Short animated videos are powerful tools for modern businesses, offering concise storytelling that captivates audiences, boosts your recognition and drives engagement.


Of course all projects are different, so please call 0208 123 5252 now for a chat about your project and an accurate quote.

Social media video

15-30 second piece of scroll-stopping, on-brand content.


Social media videos spark interest, build connections, and help  grow your brand.


They're easy to share, grab attention, and tell your story in a way that's fun and relatable. 


Of course all projects are different, so please call 0208 123 5252 now for a chat about your project and an accurate quote.

Digital posters

Eye-catching animation and video to display products, services and offers, on point-of-sale displays and free standing digital posters.


Showcase products, promotions, and events in a compelling way, driving sales and enhancing customer engagement. Essential for boosting memorable in-store experiences and awareness.


Of course all projects are different, so please call 0208 123 5252 now for a chat about your project and an accurate quote.

Engaging visuals help drive growth

With lightning-fast internet and ubiquitous devices such as powerful mobile phones, tablets, and Wi-Fi-enabled displays, video advertising has become the most effective way to deliver targeted messages to a vast number of people.

The potential to be seen and leave a lasting impact is greater than ever before. Online video ads and social media posts, have been shown to garner on average 12x more engagement than static images alone, making an attention-grabbing video a powerful marketing tool.

Animated videos featuring motion graphics, artwork, and video content for platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are excellent for reaching specific audiences and conveying information about services and processes that static images simply cannot.

Whether it's for displays at exhibitions, in-store digital posters, or point-of-sale spaces, the same holds true. We specialize in creating dynamic visuals that capture attention and deliver your message directly to your target audience.

With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, businesses are now presented with an opportunity to engage their audience in a more interactive and creative way.

It's important to keep in mind that social media videos are typically viewed on mobile devices, so the design needs to be optimized for smaller screens. Additionally, with the ever-shortening attention spans of social media users, your videos need to be concise and to the point.


Social media video can help boost your brand's visibility and increase engagement with your audience. It can also be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website or promoting your products or services.

Whether you're looking to create a viral social media campaign or simply improve your brand's social media presence, investing in high-quality video is a smart choice. With the right design and strategy, social media videos can help take your business to the next level.

case studies

Here are a few examples of some recent digital advertising projects. Click the image to enlarge.

Social media animations, artwork and video production


To work closely with the client to create a brand to launch the new company and create digital marketing to establish itself, and be noticed, in a crowded marketplace.


Creation of bespoke website, social media videos, print woek and strong brand identity.
Job adverts for Instagram, LinkedIn video posts, testimonial video production and a Christmas advert for social media that achieved well over 100,000 views.

social media video production
social media video production
Digital advertising for social media and digital posters

Point of Sale digital posters and displays

To create engaging adverts for brands such as Coke, Slush Puppie, Tango and Fanta to display on their drinks machines and POS displays, in cinemas and theme parks across the UK and Europe.

Created bespoke cinematic videos for the machines and surrounding displays. Translated various animations across multiple languages and pricing. In the Odeon Leicester Square cinema alone, the Tango Ice-Blast sales went up from 400,000 to over 2 million that year!

Frozen Brothers

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