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Presentation tips

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Some quick tips to help you successfully plan and deliver your presentations

Supporting imagery

Skip too many bullet points and detailed charts if possible – your supporting slides should be just that. Supporting your presentation with easy-to-understand visuals that don’t take your audience’s attention away from what you’re saying.


At first, this might sound like a bad thing but repetition helps strengthen the listener’s memory. When done correctly, repeating certain words and phrases in your speech can make a lasting impact.

Clarify your main ideas

Establish your main points before repeating them in your presentation. Prioritize the most important idea down to the least significant one. When doing your speech, list down the key ideas to avoid misleading your audience.

Keep it lean

While pointing out your main ideas, clear out any unnecessary points or fluff and include stories and visuals that exemplify and strengthen your main message.

Don't memorize it too much.

If you try to remember a script in your head it can lead to unnecessary stress just when you don't need it. Remember your key points and know your subject, the rest will flow and if you make a small mistake or stumble, that's fine, it's natural to do so and you'll get back on track easily, plus it's more human. Fluffing a memorized line can really knock you off your stride and risk forgetting where you are in your script and reciting lines anyway can seem like you're acting and not being real.


Run through the presentation a few times using the technology you plan to use to make sure it runs smoothly and your delivery flows and you have a story to tell.

Here are some things to think about before your presentation...

what kind of atmosphere do you wish to create?

  • can you change the arrangement of the room to suit your objectives?

  • what audio-visual hardware can you use and is your computer powerful enough?

What do you want to achieve?

  • what are the main 3 points you want your audience to understand?

  • what action do you want your audience to take following your presentation?

  • what do you think your presentation needs to meet your objectives?

Who are you presenting to?

  • how much will they already know?

  • what might help them understand?

  • technical jargon or clear practical explanations?

Our full-service video production & design team can create:

We have over 25 years experience as a video production agency, so you're in safe hands. We work closely with our clients every step of the way, from the spark of an idea, to final delivery.


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