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animated explainer video company 

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animated explainer agency

animated video agency

animated explainer video agency

explainer videos, product overviews & animated videos 

The demand for explainers, promo videos, product videos and animated video content, is high in all sectors. 


This is driven by business’s demand for more visually engaging content, to use across all of their digital platforms.


In a competitive market, they need to convincingly explain who they are, what they sell, and how they make it.

The reason they turn to video, is that it performs around 10x better than static content alone.  Video is king.


It's vital to draw the viewer in straight away and to hold their interest. It must entertain and inform in a way that they'll remember. Motion graphics, 3D animation and full-motion video is perfect for this, online and off. 

This is where we can help.

Taking your script, storyboard, or initial idea, we can use any existing media and assets you have, and animate them with bespoke artwork, visual effects, stock music and sfx, into an on-brand, exciting video. 

Your videos can be in variety of styles; Impressive looking 3D product animation, softer illustrative explainers, to fast and colourful, text and graphic based motion graphics.


These can all be used in your business presentations, social media posts, digital advertising,  corporate videos, product sales kits, exhibitions stand displays, and website content.


We'll work with you all the way from initial idea to final delivery, creating something on brand and eye-catching, that gets your message across memorably, and effectively.

Contact us now for more info on how we could help you.


Short animated video

30second - 1 minute animation,
ith a mixture of motion graphics, images and video elements, edited together with music and sound effects, that relays a simple and clear message.


Call 0208 123 5252 now for a chat about your project, more information about how we work or to request a quote.


Explainer Video

An explainer video introduces and describes your products and services in a simplified and easy to absorb way. Consists of motion graphics, 3d animation, typography, graphics and sfx and music.


Call 0208 123 5252 now for a chat about your project, more information about how we work and to request a quote.


Product overview

A deeper dive technical explainer

of your products or services. Animation with motion graphics, 3D elements, professional voice-over, video compositing, visual effects, music and sound effects.


Call 0208 123 5252 now for a chat about your project, more information about how we work, or to request a quote.

case studies

Here are a few examples of some recent motion graphics projects. Click the image to enlarge.

Scintacor Case Study.jpg

Promo video that warns about the dangers of invisible high powered IR lasers and how to detect them using the IRis wand.


Visualising the lasers and matching them, and a replacement 3D cable connector, to the live action hand movements.
Green screen was needed to position the 'user' into various example 
environments. Motion tracking  text elements.

Created a 3 minute video with voice over, 3D animation, shot video,  visual effects and motion graphics that took the viewer through the dangers and detection process. Used at exhibitions, online, and incorporated into a bespoke interactive PowerPoint presentation that we also created for the client.

Animated product videos, conference graphics,

internal comms and explainer videos.


Keeping the tone and branding consistant for over 20 years of working with the client: all the while keeping the style and content fresh and engaging.

Created a variety of easy to follow, slick animations, for website content, internal comms videos, conference & keynote speech presentations and animated exhibition display content.

Freelance motion graphics designer
Animated Product video and explainer video design service

Atomo Diagnostics

Product explainer 3D animation and 3D Product visualisation artwork

To explain as simply as possible the steps involved for the correct operation of a quick and easy covid testing device.

Produced a quick and easily understood animation, taking the viewer through the 3 steps needed to operate the units successfully. Used a combination of shot studio footage, motion graphics and 3D animation.

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Freelance motion graphics designer

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