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Video vs static for online media

According to digital advertising statistics, including video on your landing page can increase conversions by 1000%!

Great videos build a memorable feeling for a product or service that helps you to connect with your audience. It can get multiple ideas across quickly, in an engaging way, while shaping the viewer's impression of your brand.

Sharing of content is also something that's more likely to happen using video as well as improved Search Engine Optimization with videos uploaded to YouTube as well as to your site and other platforms. And if you get really lucky you could even go a bit viral and really reap the rewards.

Basically, video is quick, memorable and the perfect way to get you and your businesses message across.

Our full-service video production & design team can create:

Product, Promo & Explainer Animations

Corporate Video Production

Testimonials & Interviews

PowerPoint Presentation Design

Digital Advertising & Social Media Video

Design, Graphics & Product Renderings

We have over 25 years experience as a video production agency, so you're in safe hands. We work closely with our clients every step of the way, from the spark of an idea, to final delivery.

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