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Can we fix it in post? VFX for everyday business

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When you think of visual effects and CGI, Hollywood movies often come to mind, but these techniques can also be utilized on a smaller scale. In many cases, visual effects are employed to discreetly correct issues with shots or enhance existing footage by incorporating new content. The most common applications include color correction, camera stabilization, removal of unwanted elements, and the addition of new 3D objects like logos or products to the footage.

However, there are several other techniques that may not immediately come to mind but are available for your production. These include:

  1. Green/blue screen removal: This technique involves replacing the green or blue background with a different image or video, allowing for the integration of actors or objects into various environments or settings.

  2. 3D animation: It involves creating computer-generated three-dimensional objects or characters and animating them to interact with the live-action footage.

  3. Title sequences: Visual effects can be used to create captivating and dynamic title sequences that introduce a film or video production.

  4. Screen replacement for devices and signs: This technique enables the replacement of screens on devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computer monitors, as well as signs and billboards with custom content or graphics.

  5. Atmospheric layers added over footage: Visual effects can simulate various atmospheric elements such as fire, smoke, rain, snow, or fog, adding depth and realism to the scene.

  6. Visual FX: This encompasses a wide range of effects, including particle effects (e.g., sparks, dust), explosions, morphing, time manipulation, and much more.

These techniques are not exclusive to Hollywood productions and can be applied to projects of various scales, including independent films, commercials, music videos, and even personal or hobbyist projects. The advancements in technology have made visual effects more accessible and affordable, allowing creators to enhance their work with stunning visual elements.

Our full-service video production & design team can create:

We have over 25 years experience as a video production agency, so you're in safe hands. We work closely with our clients every step of the way, from the spark of an idea, to final delivery.


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