​​Hi, I'm Steve Inglis, an experienced designer, video creator and motion graphics animator.  I offer a creative, and friendly, freelance video creation and design service, called Shake Studios. Below is my showreel, highlighting a selection of work I've done over the years, my general style, and the main services I provide.



​I've worked for many different types and sizes of clients on a variety of projects, some of the larger ones include

Animated video production company


Here's a selection of the services, skills and software I use to create my videos.

Main project types

Main skills


• 3D Animation

• Motion Graphics

• Design / Typography

• Product Rendering


Video Editing

• Vector Graphics

• Artwork

Image Manipulation

Visual Effects

3D Rendering

Presentation Design

• Concepts and ideas

• After Effects

• Photoshop

• Premiere Pro

• Illustrator

• Audition

• Acrobat

• Cinema 4D

• Octane

• Element3D

• Keyshot


• PowerPoint

• Resolve

If you feel I could help you or your team on your upcoming projects, then please call 07971 881798 for a chat,
email me or contact me via the online form.


case studies

Here are a few examples of some recent motion graphics projects. Click the image to enlarge.

Case Study AMEX.jpg

American Express

2.5 minute AMEX timeline explainer for international

e-learning company LRN.

To take the viewer through a history of American Express and their services from the 1850's to modern day.

Produced a fun, fast moving and easily understood animation, taking the viewer through the timeline.

Used a combination of motion graphics, supplied vector illustrations, 2.5D animation and motion graphics.


Animated product videos, e-learning animations,

internal comm videos and explainers.


Keeping the tone and branding consistant for over 20 years of working with the client: all the while keeping the style and content fresh and engaging.

Created a variety of easy to follow, slick animations, for website content, internal comms videos, conference & keynote speech presentations and animated exhibition display content.

Freelance motion graphics designer
Animated Product video and explainer video design service

Atomo Diagnostics

Product explainer 3D animation
3D Product visualisation artwork


To explain as simply as possible the steps involved for the correct operation of a quick and easy covid testing device.

Produced a quick and easily understood animation, taking the viewer through the 3 steps needed to operate the units successfully. Used a combination of shot studio footage, motion graphics and 3D animation.


Interactive presentation to be used on a touch-screen kiosk for the Ricardo HQ's museum.

To create an easily navigatable, slick and well designed experience to reflect the clients own pursuit of form, function and performance. Take the user on a journey of Ricardo's rich motoring history.

Creation of kiosk mode PowerPoint presentation, with bespoke artwork, 3D renderings, videos, animation, logo intros and audio design. Used by approx 50,000 people in its first year.

Powerpoint design agency
Case Study FT.jpg

Social media animations, artwork and video production

To work closely with the client to create a brand to launch the new company and create digital marketing to establish itself, and be noticed, in a crowded marketplace.

Creation of bespoke website, social media videos, print woek and strong brand identity.
Job adverts for Instagram, LinkedIn video posts, testimonial video production and a Christmas advert for social media that achieved well over 100,000 views.


Financial  Times

A high-end accompaniment to a large, keynote speech


Engaging the audience and re-enforcing the data and messages being delivered but without taking too much spotlight away from the speaker.

Created a 30 minute deck of slides, containing an intro video, then a series of high-end animations, graphs and charts, all controlled on remote click to seemlessly transition into one another. 

Video and anaimation services online adverting for social media

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