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animated e-learning explainer video company 
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animated e-learning explainer video agency
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L&D explainer video company 
L&D expaliners company
L&D e-learning explainer video company 
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L&D explainer video production company 


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Animation and video in eLearning is an incredibly effective tool for learners. Without having to read reams of text with dull images, motion graphics help to quickly get points across to the viewer, in an easily understood and enjoyable way.

If the learner isn't stimulated by the content, they will quickly tune-out and just want to get to the end without having retained any of the modules content you spend so much time, money and effort creating.

Many companies are 80% there and have the main content already but just need that extra bit of help adding that crucial last visual component.


Before the animation has been created, it starts with a storyboard and script. With each sentence / paragraph of script, there should be a written description of what you want to happen onscreen.  When should things appear and disappear? What is the on-screen text? And any other relevant direction you'd like to give us.

Once we have that information we can begin. We can create a variety of styles of animations, explainers and case study videos, using bespoke illustration, 3D, stock video assets and motion graphics.

We can also arrange video shoots to add that vital human element to your modules, creating a connection between the learner and the content. You can have key personel welcome new learners to the courses with intro videos. Collegues can give real world testimonials of issues they have faced in the workplace. Or you can use it to demonstrate equipment, products, techniques and services. All of which can be augmented with on-screen text, animation and graphics.


All these give your learners a better educational experience, a higher chance of passing the module first time, and retaining that vital information for longer.

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Explainer animations

An explainer video introduces and describes your products and services in a simplified and easy to absorb way. Consists of motion graphics, 3d animation, typography, graphics and sfx and music.



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Content videos

Sets of videos for your modules content, synced alongside a voice over, to guide you through. Animation, motion graphics, 3D, professional voice-over, video compositing, stock video, images, music and audio.

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1 Day Shoot

Testimonials, location overview and cutaway shots with a broadcast professional cameraman with full lighting and audio recording kit, optional drone footage. Post-production editing, titling, royalty free music & intro logo graphics.*

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case studies

Here are a few examples of some recent motion graphics projects. Click the image to enlarge.

Case Study AMEX.jpg

American Express

2.5 minute AMEX timeline explainer for international

e-learning company LRN.

To take the viewer through a history of American Express and their services from the 1850's to modern day.

Produced a fun, fast moving and easily understood animation, taking the viewer through the timeline.

Used a combination of motion graphics, supplied vector illustrations, 2.5D animation and motion graphics.

Animated product videos, e-learning animations,

internal comm videos and explainers.


Keeping the tone and branding consistant for over 20 years of working with the client: all the while keeping the style and content fresh and engaging.

Created a variety of easy to follow, slick animations, for internal website content, internal comms videos,  presentations and animated display content.

Freelance motion graphics designer
Animated Product video and explainer video design service

Atomo Diagnostics

Product explainer 3D animation
3D Product visualisation artwork


To explain as simply as possible the steps involved for the correct operation of a quick and easy covid testing device.

Produced a quick and easily understood animation, taking the viewer through the 3 steps needed to operate the units successfully. Used a combination of shot studio footage, motion graphics and 3D animation.

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