animation, artwork & magic for high-end presentations, videos and displays

We specialise in high-quality yet affordable 2D and 3D motion graphics for presentations, digital advertising, websites, exhibition stands and video productions for businesses of all sizes.

We use a blend of design skills, techniques and influences that sets us apart from many of the traditional graphic design, motion graphics or video production agencies.

We will create something that will help you quickly engage and inform your audience. Our job is making sure your message gets across to the viewer, is memorable and gives your business the edge.

Is it a presentation for that big speech? A laptop sales kit for your sales team to win those all important contracts? New artwork to complement a marketing drive? An induction course for new employees? A large screen video that needs motion graphics for an exhibition or an interactive touch screen kiosk? We have the solutions that will make you look good when talking to clients and take your company’s image and knowledge sharing to the next level.

If you would like to discuss a project or idea, please call now on 0203 740 7333 or feel free to email us at